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New England Market Research

Our company is a market research firm that works with nonprofit organizations and for profit companies, performing qualitative and quantitative research on issues related to market access.  Since, 1997 we have worked with over 250 companies conducting primary and secondary research.  Our main focus is quantitative analysis around issues of marketing, branding and consumer perception.  Additionally, we conduct customer surveys and focus groups for clients on issues of demographics, pricing and attitudes/behaviors.



Case Study 1
FB Heron Foundation

A case study on Heron’s history of mission-based investing practices.

Case Study 2
Responsible Endowments Coalition

A handbook for college and university trustees on investing their portfolio in community economic development projects.

Case Study 3
Office of Financial Empowerment, City of New York

A survey and report on use of fringe financial services in two low income neighborhoods.

Case Study 4
North East South Dakota Economic Corporation

A twenty-two county market study on business expansion.

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